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THERE ARE MORE OPTIONS THAN EVER FOR CUSTOMIZING YOUR COCKPIT. BY JOE LINDSEY Originally published on   The secret to staying fresher, more comfortable, and more in control on your road bike might be literally right in [...]

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A Top 10 Florida Bike Trail Article originally published on Trail Update, October 2018:  Two new trailheads open, Gobblers Lodge Road and Maytown Spur Road. At 50.5 miles, the East Central Regional Rail Trail (“ECRRT”) represents [...]

A List of Common Terminology to Decipher the Sometimes Arcane Patois of Road Cycling Ever wonder what cyclists are talking about when they start throwing around weird slang? Here’s a bicycling dictionary for you, with [...]

From Road Bike Rider By John Marsh, Editor & Publisher Last week, one of our regular contributors wrote us with a question about paceline rules. Specifically, he asked if there are any hard-and-fast rules about [...]